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Dude' date=' I hate to be the one to break it to you but I think it's fake!!!![/quote']






My dipshit crackwhore STD-ridden sister-in-law got her kid's name tattooed on her arm in some guy's basement. My niece's name is "Angelina." Tattoo has read for over a year: "AngelinE."


You get what you pay for. Cool ink, AXE!

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Does it say Gibsun, or is it my eyes? Must be your muscles ripplin' away!


I hope you never change your allegiance, like Scott Gorham, Eric Clapton or Pete Townsend have.


Reminds me a bit of comedian Rich Hall's 'uncle', Otis Lee Crenshaw. Had his first wife's name, Brenda, tattoed on his arm. Ever since then he has only ever married women called Brenda!


Still, I reckon its easier to give your heart to a guitar for life than one woman!

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It's about 4 years old and needs a touch up on the lettering . Shirt sleeve mucked it up a little .

Still have to add the highlights and 3 - D shading ...


It's not a fake the serial #s match , but their on my arm pit , thought I'd spare y'all on that one .O:)

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