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meat loaf's bat out of hell...

S t e v e

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I remember the first time it was given airplay on Radio Forth's "Edinburgh Rock Show".


The DJ played the title track as the opener to the evening's show and when it ended he said;


"You know; I liked that so much I could listen to the whole thing again. In fact I will..."


and he played "Bat out of Hell" all the way through a second time.


The station's owners were outraged. It was a commercial station and BooH wasn't paying any bills. He was sacked.


The day after his sacking there were protests and demonstrations outside broadcasting HQ.


He was re-instated...


Brilliant album.


I'd agree with "Paradise..."


"Praying for the End of Time" is so funny!


The lyrics are so brilliantly tongue in cheek the whole way through the entire album.

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BOH is a great album. One of my top ten. Todd Rundgrens guitar playing was amazing.


Todd is a brilliant artist/producer and one of the real overlooked guitarist of our generation. He's one of my all time favs and if ya ever gets the chance to see him live do it.

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I lost all my respect for Meat Loaf when I found out he didn't write anything for Bat Out of Hell. He was just a singer.



Jim Steinman did most of the songwriting' date=' but I think I'm right in saying it was very much a collaboration where Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf wrote most of it together. As far as I recall ML was the more the 'ideas' guy as far as the whole concept went and JS had a bigger input in writing the songs.


As far as I can recollect it was ML who went around the record companies' offices 'playing', i.e. demonstrating, the songs from the album, usually on whatever piano the company in question had lying around.


I saw an interview with him back in the day where he discussed how difficult it was for the various industry reps to grasp [i']exactly[/i] the scale of the compositions when all he could show them was him and one piano belting them out for all he was worth.



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Everything I said about Meat Loaf could be applied to Elvis. I obviously recognize his talent as a singer, but I don't like his music, and the fact that he didn't write his songs doesn't do anything to make me like him more. Elvis was better than Meat Loaf, but I still don't look to him for any inspiration musically.


I like Sinatra. He was a talented entertainer.


I still think Meat Loaf is lame.



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