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A Song For Your Amusement

Buc McMaster

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Finally got some batteries for the camera and thought I'd take a whack at another tune. Nearly all of my songs were written for performance with whatever band I was in at the time, and this is no exception. Sounds a bit sparse to my ears without filling riffs and the bass driving it.......you'll have to use your imagination. It's about how some people waste a lot of time and energy wanting to be someone else, doing something else.......as if their lives are too simple, lacking depth. Well, I say go for it with what you've got and if it suits you, work hard and reach for a new day......


(One thing I need to do is practise what I preach when it comes to singing!)




If I Just Wasn't Me copyright 2006 MBBowen


I could be the king of England

Baby, I could be your number one

I could be a rodeo cowboy, girl, a bull ridin' son of a gun

I could be a Hollywood star

Hey that's me up on the screen

Might even win me an Oscar, baby,

Cruise around in my limosine


Spend my days in a dream, baby

Wonderin' who I might be

Dreamin' 'bout all the things I could do

If I just wasn't me


I could be a rocketman

Flyin' through outer space

I could run with the bulls in the street

I could disappear without a trace

I could pitch in the big leagues

I could drive a Cadillac car

I could be a cop on the thin blue line

I could even learn to play guitar

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Thanks, folks. I appreciate the kind remarks. As usual, when the red light is blinking on the camera it seems akin to standing before a firing squad. Performing with a band is easier, having musical support to kind of hide the errors and fill the spaces. I've done a few open mics (not many, mind you) and they are quite nerve wracking. Performed for years with bands and, while I was still scared shirtless, it was not quite the naked feeling of going solo. Got lucky with this one.......a passable rendition in one take. I think I tend to "think" too much during performance......chord changes, pick attack, breath! breath!, show some enthusiasm, don't just stand there! Turn off the camera? No problem....I can rock with the best of 'em. I suppose there's comfort in knowing I'm not the only one with major stage fright.


Now I'm not against your criticism. I do this for a couple of reasons..... One, can I still do it? It's been three years since my last working band days and without regular, stage volume singing the voice suffers. My last band had the luxury of two (yes, two!) female harmony voices that added so much to the vocal strength of our show and went a long way to assuaging my trepidation as a singer. And two, I desire the feedback of others when it comes to such things.....writing, playing, singing. So don't tread lightly if you have input.......

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