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New '59 reissue Les Pauls with open coil pickups


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I've just bought a stunning new (2010) '59 reissue Les Paul, which has what I presume is a limited edition burst colour: "light burgundy burst". Having had nearly a dozen historic Les Pauls over the last decade I think this latest one is the best quality yet, in every area. The only thing I'd like to change are the open coil zebra pickups, that the guitar came with, to covered ones (like these guitars normally have).


Does anyone know why Gibson, unusually for a '59 historic, put open coil pickups on these and what nickel covers I should be buying to put on? I see on the web site that there are seperate neck and bridge position covers advertised, but on the R9 is there any difference? Some dealers of authentic Gibson parts only sell one cover, stating that it will do for the neck and bridge positions. Obviously I don't want to order covers that don't fit, so would really appreciate advice.

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Sure' date=' but how do I do that?[/quote']

photobucket put it inside of this NOTE: G's arent capitalized i just capitalized them to show the thing.

IMG code when you get to the picture.


you should get something like this




oh no, not that picture [biggrin]

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Sorry dude' date=' you're not making any sense! I'll happily put pics here if someone can clearly explain what to do.[/quote']

Sorry about that. I was never good at directions but basically its just going to photobucket taking the image code you get when you click on the picture and pasting it here.


the code'll look something like this



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