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I just bought an SG Standard, and I really love it!!! I am a hard core Les Paul

guy, but the SG is really special.


the neck just feels right in my hands, and the way the strings feel when

I strum it!!! I really like how comfortable first position chords feel.


One question though, is the stop bar supposed to be so high? The strings

now seem to almost touch the back of the bridge? I could lower the action

some because the factory action is a bit high,then I could lower the stop

bar some. Also are the pickups normally not flush with the strings like say

on a Les Paul?

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Well done a Great guitar !


I prefer to wrap the string out and over the stop bar, as for pickup height the neck pickup is frequenly quite low positioned from new but using the screws on either side of them u can adjust the height to your taste. I prefer a higher output from my neck than the bridge so my neck pickup is raised a little.

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Congrats on your SG man. My SG Standard is my favorite guitar ever.


From what you're describing, it sounds like someone was messing around with the pickup height, and the action. I'm guessing you need a good set up. The pups should be relatively flush with the strings. -Generally a touch lower on the low E string side (to leave room for the string vibrating). If it's really drastic, I'd suggest adjusting them back to approximately where they were when the guitar came from the factory and go from there. Cheers.

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Not an SG man, but if its a typical Gibson Stop bar and ABR/Nashville bridge, it is usually good to have atleast a slight bit of space between the strings and bridge edge where the strings pass over the corner down to the stopbar. I like to be able to pass a piece of paper through there.


Some think jamming the bar down adds sustain or what-not, but if you lower the bar too much, that downward force can eventually collapse the bridge, and also put comparatively more forward pressure on the bridge, tipping it - which will get even worse as you tighten strings and the sharp angle/string winds gets caught on the saddle slots. Also possible strings against the bridge could kill whatever resonance/tones(?) one gets from that little bit of string between the bridge & stop bar.

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As far as the pickups being flush to the strings, I assume you mean parallel? They will not be parallel to the strings like on a les paul. If you look at your les paul or an SG like the 61 reissue without the full "batwing" pickguard, you will see the plastic pickup rings that go around the pickup, these act to level the pickups and make them parallel to the strings. On the specials or standards, the pickups are mounted to the pickguard without the ring and so the rear pickup will be the one that is most notable at being angled to the strings. I suppose it is the neck angle of the guitar that makes the pickups sit this way without a pickup ring.


It's not a big deal, just a bit different from your paul...I know some people think it affects tone negatively, but I don't buy it. If you're that anal about it you can shim under the pickup, or add rings.


The pickups will feel looser too, as compared to your paul.

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