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I use several different amps, twin reverb, super reverb, budda, mesa mark iv, gibson head with cabinet, the only time I am concerned with feedback is with the larger archtops, then volume position relative the amp have to be adjusted, taken into consideration. but 335 type guitars that are thin and not totally hollow are generally very controlable.




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If all were running smoothly, I would play my Howard Roberts through my late 70s Fender Pro. The Pro has intermittently made washing machine noises for much of the time that I've had it, but finding a decent place to have it serviced and revalved, plus the cash and time to do so all at the same time has proved difficult. Also I bought it for gigs which never actually happened, and in between the bouts of Zanussi music, it has not only worked, but has sounded great for playing at home, so having it serviced has not been an urgent priority. It made my Casino sound acceptable where elsewhere that instrument just sounded muddy, and it really responds well to the HR's 490 humbuckers which actually produce a degree of pick-attack break up in it even at low settings. I'd just love a 335 and a Super Reverb, but can't afford them, so I'm really rather happy with the blues tone from my set-up. But, just when things were sounding sweet and I thought I had a chance to gig it, the Pro's internal washing machine decided to work overtime, and then the amp slipped off-kilter on its castors in the boot of my car a couple of times. Not much space for it to fall in there, so no external damage done at all, and no effect whatsover on the basic sound of the amp or the tremelo, but suddenly the reverb was not quite right. So now it really needs a service/repair, and would be top priority if I weren't working abroad. Will make the effort this summer, because I am not enjoying the combination of HR and Zinky's Smokey nearly as much... I think the old *** packet is really meant for single coils.

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Well, for what it's worth, I use (depening on venue (size and acoustics))

either the Fender Blues Jr., Hot Rod Deluxe (with matching extension speaker),

or my '80 (135 watt) Twin Reverb.

I like Marshall amps, as well, and I'm currently looking for a good 50-100

watt (all tube) head, for a used (but "like new") Marshall 1960A 4X12 cabinet,

that I acquired, recently. Just need to save some more "coin," for that. ;>)



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I recently went back to using my Tech 21 Trademark amps. Tube purists often have to take a pill and lie down when you say solid state, but Tech 21 does it very well. I have a Trademark 60 for the home and a Trademark 120 for the stage. Being a twin 12, the 120 moves the air pretty well. 3 discrete channels, sansamp direct out, and a variable solo boost have proven handy. Oh yeah, it weighs a LOT less than a Twin. :)

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I'll run it through a Marshall Plexi stack, Twin (sometimes both together with a second Twin), smaller combos (including my Mini Twin, what a fun little amp), bigger rigs, whatever I'm in the mood for.


Once you learn a good working knowledge and understanding of SPLs, room acoustics, & resonance, feedback is a pretty rare problem.

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I used a combination of amps with all of my Semi-Hollow guitars over the past twenty years.

I finally decided to invest in one high end amp that allows me to use all of my guitars with.


The Fuchs TDS 100 in my opinion was the best muscial thing I purchased for all of my guitars.

It wasn't cheap, but it's worth every penny I paid for. Now I can focus on playing.




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