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Man, I've sold a lot of guitars

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Sold/traded the first one around October 2007. Since then, these have come and gone...


2000 Fender Tele '52VR

2008 Fender American Strat

2009 PRS 513

2008 PRS SC245

2005 Gibson SG Special - first Gibson

2007 Gibson SG Standard

2007 SG Special GOTW

2007 Gibson ES-335

2009 Gibson Firebird

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard

2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom

2007 Gibson R9

2008 Gibson R6

That should make 13. Holy smokes!! [biggrin]




























No regrets. The R6 & R9 were two of the best Gibsons I've played but I have and will find better...

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Great looking guitars' date=' but dang - that silver couch looks divine...[/quote']


Yeah I don't think he should have sold that couch but he needed another guitar! So, any regrets? Just curious from a person who has never sold any of his guitars....

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Holy... [bored]


Don't do this to me Gibson' date=' pure torture



And on Davesguitar.com there is a very nice DarkBack Goldtop, with a little arm wear....absolute beauty of a Gibson 1957 Historic Goldtop.....yeaa


:- :-

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I really like the Bonamassa Goldtop. BTW' date=' The Trad Pro is gonna be available in Goldtop Darkback [blink'] :-# :-# [-([blink] [blink] [blink] [blink] [blink] [blink] [blink]


Don't you be kidding me, man!


You don't joke about relatively inexpensive Goldtop Darkbacks!




When? When? When? When?


They're continuing that colour?


The CS guy told me two weeks ago there were no plans to do so

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How the hell can you sell a Firebird!!!??? I'm GAS'in real hard for one.


I'm just gonna throw it out there that there is a very good possibility that Gibson will be reintroducing this by the end of this year or early next year:



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