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HNGD to me!!


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I noticed it only has one string tree.


That's because it's 1952 reissue I think.


I just missed out on one of these a few days ago.


That is a nice guitar. Has it had the wiring modification or is it wired like a 52?

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Hey thanks guys!


No, it's not an AVRI 52... I wish. It's the Classic Player Baja. It does have quite a bit of grain showing through, but I can't seem to get a decent picture to save my life. I'm going to take it outside again tomorrow when it's sunny and try again.


I'm fairly new to Telecasters, so I can't compare models very well. I struggled with whether to get the Baja vs. Highway one vs. American Special since they were all in my price range. This one seemed to resonate with me the most. The neck on it is fairly thick and comfy to me, and I just love the sound of the twisted tele neck pickup! The S-1 switching is kinda fun, but I'm not sure how much I'll use it.


I know it's a Gibson forum.. but I'm really digging it [thumbup]

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Very, very nice. That's one of my favorite Teles.


Back in my Tele slingin' days playing Outlaw Country & Rockabilly I tried and tried to like the '52RI. I HATE the 7.25" radius, and I hated the poly that was as thick as a dime on some of them I looked at. While I knew Wildwood had the "Thinskins" (Nitro) and they also had access to 9.5" radius "52's, THAT PISSED ME OFF because a friend of mine was a Fender dealer and HE couldn't sell those. He wasn't ALLOWED.......




People diss Gibsons way of marketing, but that was the # 1 reason I went back to playing Gibsons. If I wanted one of those guitars back then I HAD to buy it from a dealer in another State that was a total stranger. I looked at the Baja several times, but at that point was doing more Rock/Blues/Motown stuff, needed humbuckers, and was already mad at Fender. I even used the Fender Prosonic combo because at a distance it looked like a Twin or Deluxe, but it had a dual cascading gain channel that let it rock like a Boogie......


Anyhow, damn fine guitar (Thunder knew I'd like THAT one.....) !


Here's my old plank.....



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