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differences between the sg special and sg standard

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I wouldn't go knocking the Faded or Specials. i had enough cash to buy a LP Studio at the time, played the Studio, then(for the fist time with any SG, I was a Fender man lol) an SG Faded, then a SG Std,and in my opinion I fell in love with the Faded. It very bright,fast and just fits me and who Iam perfectly. See I dont need to brag about how much i spent. I dont need glitz and glamour to express myself i.e. the shiny finish and bindings, I found an instrument that fit me . A True Love story lol. All um tryin to say is play around find whats best for you. Sometimes its not a matter of money but, rather desire. Bragging rights only count when its the time spent with your instrument.Not what it looks like. [confused]

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IMO the binding and shiny finish aren't flashy. They're just how an SG is. Now an SG Custom is a little flashy.. But IMO the Standard isn't flashy.


Plus I really prefer the feel of a gloss nitro finish and fretboard binding. Especially when the nitro on the neck is nice and worn in.

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I've had two SG Specials. Glossy ebony ones. They were both terrible, and should never have got through the Gibson quality control.


The first one played ok. But after a week or so, the fretboard started falling apart. Chips of wood started to come of it, and it seemed very dry and flakey. After I inspected it closely, the fretboard around the fret wires looked like it has been cut several times by a razor. I think the fret work had been done by a monkey.


So, I took it back to the shop and exchanged it for one which looked a lot better. I took it home and lowered the action a little, to 2mm on the bass side, and 1.5 on the treble (pretty standard), and there was MAJOR choking on the high strings, high up the fretboard. I had to raise the action to 2mm on the treble side aswell, and there was STILL choking on large bends. I also noticed that some of the notes weren't sustaining at all. Turned out the fretboard was covered in dead spots. I didn't know such a thing existed until I bought that SG. I took that one back aswell. I may have been unlucky and got two lemons, but that should never have happened.


In short, I'd go for the Standard. But make sure you get to play it and inspect it closely first.

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