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I'm Back from the Rock, got Screeched

Artie Owl

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Phew, ok, I made it, I met my fiancie's entire family over the last week in honour of her Grandfather's 90th birthday, and boy am I beat. I spent the week learning about her father's childhood in St Johns, Newfoundland, and his brothers, sisters cousins etc. We had amazing food all week, and since he was driving I got to have a few pops with my meals to boot.


It was all a bit of a whirlwind but I'm all the richer for having gone (except for money, that's gone). I'm joining a truly warm, genuine talented family. Being Newfoundland, her grandfather's birthday party had more than 200 people throughout the day in the backyard, there were two tents set up and a bar. There was also local friends who brought their guitars, amps, banjos, accordians, and we all sat around playing and laughing and drinking.


I realized that lately I've been focusing almost too much on theory and scales, because I was barely able to keep up with the playing, so I need a healthy mix of learning whole songs AND scales. It was real good motivation and inspiration to be able to play better when I go back next.


Also, If you've read this far I might as well tell you, if you ever go to Newfoundland (and if you love music, food and good people I highly recommend you do) you should go to a music store in downtown St. Johns Called O'Briens Music.

The gentleman who owns the place is a true man of music, they have a great folk selection, and you might actually run into some of the boys from the band Great Big Sea, and if you've never heard of them, then what's wrong with you?


Apparently the day I visited Alan Doyle was there only a few hours before, and when I told Mr. O'Brien how much of a music fan I was of theirs he went out back and got a SIGNED poster from the boys and told me he wanted me to have it, since he can't sell 'em [biggrin]


All in all, once I recover I will look fondly back on the trip and the joining of myself into an awesome family!

(I'll put up a couple photos on this thread later on)

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