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Happy Memorial Day Pickin'


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Been pickin' all afternoon. Even bought a new shub capo (my favorite -- I lost mine on tour).


Actually, I also went to Sitar center strum the buzzing guits. I played a j-45 TV and, damn, that is one fine guitar. It definitely has a richer sound that the MC, in my humble opinion. It also has a darker umph...something I couldn't put my finger on.


Also, I played an AJ for the first time. I loved it for picking; less so for strumming. They had a Dove there that I liked too. I assume those are maple? An interesting dry thump on the low end and bright highs. Interesting guitar but I'm clearly a mahogany man. The Hummingbird there had the plain pickguard (my perference). It had ancient strings so it didn't wow me. Don't know about y'all, but one day I will own a Hummingbird.


I also picked up a Taylor rosewood. Great feel but the sound just isn't there. Funny. They build quality guitars, but I've never been drawn in by the tone.


And yes, we should think about what the meaning of the holiday as well. It ain't all about bbq and hot dogs, though it's about to be about that in about 3 hours...=P~/

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It's been a typical weekend here.


I finished building my sampan this morning and painted it as well (80% old silver paint from the 50s or 60s and 20% dark green enamel = a close approximation of 1979 Ford Light Jade Metallic).


I fired up "the bus", cleaned it out, and then wired it with 3 outlet boxes and 2 light bases so now we can have 110v with the aid of a longass extension cord.


In cleaning out the bus I moved the 4x8 sheet of sheet metal into the garage and sliced two fingers open, which I promptly superglued.


Built a cat-scratch pole for the neighbor out of scrap lumber and rug.


A customer dropped by with a Lake Placid Blue Strat and a box containing Sperzel tuners, all new pickups and pots and said "put this together".


Played about 15 minutes on an old Applause in the bus.


I was planning on chainsawing a whole bunch of alder tomorrow but it's supposed to rain.


I think I'll spend a little while in the inversion table, hit the shower, then bed.

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My son called home from boot camp yesterday. I turned 18 in 1968, I did everything I could think of to stay out of the service.

He did everything he could to join. I respect him, for doing what he thinks is right.

God bless him & all the other young men,& women in the service,& bring them home safe, & sound.

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