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Post pictures of your SGs!


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Got my 1st Gibson SG 3 months ago, and it's my "go to" electric out of 11.......sooo versatile, comfortable, and balls like a "hippety hop".......Wish i'd gotten a Gibson when I got my 1st 2 SG's, which both felt and played great, but lacked the "oomph" of a Gibby.

They were.....

'71 Electra "Tree of Life" SG.....I installed an early DiMarzio distortion p'up in the bridge.



'04 Epi G400 Deluxe Flametop.....still have it, probably going to do a complete electronics upgrade soon.



and my 7/10 post flood Nashville SG, which takes me to guitar Valhalaia every time I plug it in.

removing the plastic and stickers caused some loss of tone, so I relaced the "SG" p/g w/a plain one to improve tone and sustain. [biggrin]



I really got lucky on this one, the fretboard is so dark that it looks more like Ebony than Rosewood.


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