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Planet Waves Locking Strap


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So I just bought this strap yesterday and it's really cool. Eliminates the need for strap locks. However, I have a small problem when attaching it to my SG. When I attach the strap to both buttons it becomes obvious that it was not intended for SG's because of the strap button on the back of the neck joint. The problem is that only one side of the strap can attach to the button. So I can't flip it around and attach it backwards on the strap button on the the neck joint. This causes the strap to be twisted which is very uncomfortable.


Maybe some of you have this strap on you SG's and have already solved this problem?


Thanks for the help,


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I have two of those straps. It's indeed useless if the strap button is on the back...

The old generation of those straps had turnable locks so you could use it on your SG. They changed that for some vague reason...:-k


Maybe you can still find one of the old ones.


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