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my stolen 1969 SG standard


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hello to all


This is my first post on this site and i may be in the wrong area for a post like this but here goes


I lost my gibson a few years ago and have been heart broken ever since

i had loaned to one of my good friends and he died and the guitar disappeared

when i went to collect it. So i was told to take another guitar which i did

but i want mine back.

I have the original sales receipt with model and serial# on it.

as a kid i worked an entire summer to buy that guitar @ $321.00 with a rectangular case i was around 16 yrs old. now in my 50s and dono what to do besides report it to the police something i have not done yet because i JUST found the receipt from my last move to Florida.

the replacement guitar is a 1970 Rick and it was labled belonged to doogie...DJ Angor JR. i dont know who that is but i dont beleive its worth what my guitar was worth and it doesnt matter its not mine.

Does Gibson offer any assistance with lost or stolen guitars such as monitoring repairs or parts needed for aftermarket repair shops or anything like that?

Im not the player i use to be but my pleasure was to pick and strum my feelings at the time i decided to play.

ill stop ranting now

thx for reading

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I've been in that spot, had a '65 Gibson SG Special stolen by someone I know, guitar is LONG gone. I would say reporting it won't do any good, for one thing I'm sure the statute of limitations has passed (usually about 2 years) AND the police will never find it. And if they do good luck on being notified. I've only ever had one stolen guitar return to me, and only because a dear friend located it and got it back for me.

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