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well this day has come!

mr newhaven

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well its official i just posted my LG-2 3/4 Arlo Guthrie in the Trading Post for either sale or swap...


I just wanted to take this opportunity for each and everyone of you who helped me/listened to me rant for a bit last week!


this for me was a tough decision...but the even tougher decision would be to keep it in its case most of the time!


so at this point...it can go to a member who would actually play it like its intended to be played!


thanks again everyone for your help and advice/kind words of encouragment!

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These little guys are great guitars. I mentioned in another post that the narrow fingerboard never became an issue for me as I play other instruments with even narrower boards. So, don't let this deter you from considering this fun, funky and very cool guitar. (It also travels well.) I love mine!

Good luck with your sale, Mr. N. Ce.

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