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strap button in a hollow body?


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I've recently bought a vintage hollow body, but the front strap button is missing.


how can I fix it?

I've changed strap buttons in the past, but in solid bodies is easier, in a thin hollow body....


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This is one of the most debated subjects here on this forum.


Use the "search" feature above' date=' there are many threads on this subject, with a lot of photos and discussion.[/quote']





any clue of what I've gotta search?


i'm trying several searches, but all I get is 0 results... :-

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i'm not talking about installing a strap button and where to install it

it was there sometime, but now it's lost, so I have the hole, but a screw won't stay there without some help, since it's in the thin wood, not in the solid.

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So a button was installed on the upper bout near the neck joint? Sounds like that, anyway. Bad spot unless a reinforcing block is placed inside the body to hold the screw. If you want to reinstall in the same spot you'll need to do this - glue a small block inside under the existing screw hole, not an easy trick on an f-holed hollow body. This can be done through the neck pickup cutout, assuming there is one. If there's a block there already with an oversized, wornout screw hole, plug it properly with a hardwood dowel glued in place, redrill and install the button.

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Search Tip:


Back out of this thread.


Scroll down to the bottom of the Acoustic form threads listing and change the "Show Topics" parameters from the drop-down list to "Last Month" The default is "Last Week"


Search "strap button location" This will give you a fairly recent thread where this was discussed.


Be sure you put the search terms in the "Posts" field and not "Posted By". I make this mistake from time to time. Also, you can limit your search to the "Gibson Acoustics" board from the drop down menu.


If you still cannot find your subject, expand the time frame further.


Yeah, I could have just posted a link, but like they say, "Teach a man to fish...."

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