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Question For Admin - Peter Frampton Les Paul

Midnight Blues

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Can you tell me what color the Binding is on the Peter Frampton Les Paul? Some descriptions that I've read indicate that it's White, but from what I've seen, both from photos and in person, it appears to be a Cream/off-white color (similar to my '72), when his original was White.



Wondo, if you're out there and I remember correctly, you own one. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the Guitar in general.




Thanks and regards,

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The forum admin no longer responds. I would say your best bet is to contact customer service with your question, yet

it is NOT your best bet, probably your only bet. Call five times, get five different people and five different answers

or lack of answers. At least that has been my experience. Let me know if you get an answer.


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Thanks LerxstLee. Don't know why Admin doesn't respond? They do in some of the other forms. I did call Customer Service and got someone that was helpful. He sent me some info on it and it appears that the Binding isn't White (like Frampton's original), but is more of an antique color, the way my '72 LP is. I thought I remember Wondo saying that he owns one? Don't know if he's seen this post, but I'd like to know what color the Binding is on his.


Thanks again,

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Hi AL 028,

You've probably got to the bottom of it by now, but I noticed your message last night and registered on here to answer, as it doesn't sound like you were having much luck with an answer.

I play in a UK based Metal band and I recently bought a Peter Frampton Signature Les Paul Custom. The binding is indeed off white. It isn't deeply yellowed like the binding on a vintage Les Paul Custom, just a nice light ivory color.

If you're serious about buying one, I can really recommend them as once I pick it up and start playing I can't put the thing down and that's a true sign of an excellent guitar. It's beautiful.

I have always played Charvels before and love them, but the neck on this Les Paul is something else, it takes off for lead playing and I love gigging with it.

The deep gloss black finish is excellent, as is the binding, inlays etc and the pickups produce a lovely warm, clear tone. Through a powerful high gain tube amp, the 500T bridge pickup and 57 Classic Plus in the middle combined (the middle one is always on) reward you with a fantastic controlled, deep, beefy distortion that's more than a force to be reckoned with for any Metal players.

I had the truss rod adjusted after the guitar was delivered, as the neck was very slightly back-bowed, probably caused by changing temperatures in the plane luggage hold and this is now perfect.

The only niggle I have with this guitar is a loss of sustain right up at the top end of the neck, especially on bent notes. Elsewhere on the neck, sustain is excellent. My guitar technician is going to rectify this soon with a fret dress, but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed with this problem from a guitar that cost me close to £3,000, as I get screaming sustain on my 1986 Charvel Model 3 up at the top, which cost a fraction of the price. You shouldn't have to fight with your guitar to squeeze sustain out of it.

That niggle aside though, I'm really happy with it.

I would advise sitting down and playing one for an hour or so if at all possible, but you're still highly likely to fall in love with it in looks alone!

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Thanks very much for your reply, it's much appreciated!!!!


I found this this morning on YouTube:





I also found this on e-bay:






Are these an accurate representation of the color of the binding?


I actually just ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. They were supposed to be in at Musician's Friend this coming Monday, the 17th, but the expected date has now been pushed back to February 7th, although Guitar Center states January 23rd.


Thanks again for the reply. It's a lot of cash to shell out for a Guitar ($4,699.00), so I'm glad to read that you're extremely happy with yours.




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It's a pleasure AL 028,

This is a picture I took of my guitar (Serial No.PF632) a few days after I took delivery of it. It shows the color of the binding nicely so it should give you a good idea.

I had always wanted a Les Paul Custom, as I grew up listening to Peter Frampton and Brian "Robbo" Robertson of Thin Lizzy, who both played black Les Paul Customs -but with black and cream pickups as opposed to the gold finish metal ones. I also prefer the gold top hat vintage style control knobs to the black and white transparent ones...

Yes it's a lot of money to shell out, but you're getting a killer guitar to die for, so enjoy it!

All the best,

post-29304-004646600 1295716685_thumb.jpg

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Once again jm1971 thank you very much.


That's a great picture of yours and it does give me a good idea of what color the binding is. Much lighter than my 1972 Custom. Of course, I've had that for over 37 years, so the color has changed over time. Still my favorite neck and Guitar to play out of the five that I have.


I too grew up listening to Peter Frampton (as well as Messers Lifeson, Beck, Farner, Moore, Ronson, Hendrix, Page) all the way back to his days with Humble Pie. To me he always stood out based on how melodically he played. It was because of him that I became interested in Jazz, specifically Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell, which lead to Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and Robben Ford.


Speaking of "Robbo", whom I also enjoyed listening to, I saw Thin Lizzy way back in the mid to late '70s. Unfortunately and apparently, "Robbo" had been in a fight and tore a tendon and was unable to tour with them. Although quite disappointing to me, the benefit was that Gary Moore replaced him for that tour. He/they, were simply amazing.


Anyway, thanks again for the replies!!!! I await with bated breath for mine!!!!!!!!!!



Best regards,

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Hi AL 028,

-Very impressed that you saw Thin Lizzy with Gary Moore in the late seventies! Wow. Unfortunately I was a few years too late for Thin Lizzy, only being about 7 years old in 1978. I've read and seen the other band members talk about that well known fight and how Brian screwed everything up before their big tour...! They must have been amazing to see live.

I have a DVD of Gary Moore playing with them in Sydney, amazing player. I saw them in London in 2005 with Gorham and John Sykes on vocals. Great, but not quite the same thing of course.

You have a beautiful collection there, I too love Wes Montgomery's playing among the others you mention.

-I'm looking forward to seeing your new Frampton model nestled in amongst those others!!

Best regards,

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