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Anybody good with F----r serial numbers?

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Dave, could you elaborate a little on this?


I can spot a fake gibby from miles but when it comes to Fender, if you take out the neon stickers the chinese put on them I'm completely lost!


You think the big boss man will allow for a "Fender fake spotting" thread in here?

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Just to clarify, the serial number from the OP would indicate that it was a fake. Fender didn't make any guitars with 8 digit serial numbers. The most for their electrics would have been 6 and from 1976 on they would have started with a letter(s) indicating the year and series or country of origin. So it was either an outright fake, or a Squier with Fender Decals.

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What about this: MZ8273633... Its from a Ebay listing for a Strat. That number is copy/pasted so the dots may be incenuating (sp?) more digits.


MZ8 would be a 2008 Mexican made. You'd have to check with Fender to verify the serial number. BTW, Fender puts the serial numbers on when the necks are made then uses them as needed. So the guitar could have been made in 2009.

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