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500T vs. JB


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Own a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic, which is lovely. The stock 500T and 490R seem a bit harsh for me though . . . I'm considering a Seymour Duncan JB for the bridge, Seymour Duncan Jazz for the neck.


Anybody try this combo out?





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Seymore Duncan SH-1 59s are great also. I have them on an LP knock off and it sounds better than my LP standard. I have the 490R & 498T on my standard and I'm thinking of uprading too. I don't know if the difference in price is worth it for the 57s and burstbuckers when the duncans sound so good.

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Long ago, I had the JB and Jazz in an Ibanez ARC500, and it sounded better (to my ears) than a Standard with Burstbucker V's. I would be happy to stay "loyal" to Gibson but the SD's are cheap and they sound good. I agree that the 59's or maybe Seth Lovers would be nice choices also.


The only one I'm concerned with is the Jazz because of the "moderate" output but I'll see what I think once it arrives (too busy to install them myself, sorry to say).

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