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1958 and 1959 Les Paul


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I guess we'll keep the conversation going here??


Like FennRx said, no two are alike. Don't think in terms of plain top or flame top and remove looks from the equation. Here's my experience...


I was looking for a brand new reissue with great tone and feel. I wanted a R8 because R9s are overpriced, I though. To make a long story short, I end up buying a R9. The whoe story is in another thread "New Guy Here" if you want to read it. I'm not going to repeat everything again).


I'm not BSing you just because I bought it...this R9 is hands down THE best playing/sounding guitar I've touched. The only way I can describe the tone is vintage. Every other reissues I've played sounded nice, but didn't sound like an old Lester. I played around 5 reissues before I bought mine and probably 10 since I've bought it. I'm not obsessed or anything, but out of curiosity, I'm trying to find another one that sounds as good...and I haven't yet. Her tone is one-of-a-kind and truely awesome!! Everybody that's heard/played it has been floored, no joke!


Then you get into weight. FennRx had a good point, search the other forums for more info. R9s get the best & lightest possible woods, right? I'm just regurgitating something I read elsewhere: The body of a R9 must weigh 4 lbs or less before routing. Out of every 1,000 mahogany bodies, only 3 or 4 bodies weigh less than 4 lbs...you're paying for that.


OK, I'm nearly done. I didn't just say all this to justify my expensive purchase. If you're truly searching for the best possible tone, then don't exclude R9s because of their cost. If I would have found a R7 or R8 that beat this R9, I would have bought it instead and saved a ton on money...but I didn't.


I know I used a Ferrari analogy in the other thread and that's one way of looking at it. Another way to look at it is this. Maybe you want that Ferrari that does 205 mph and not the one that does 203. You could argue that a R9 costs way too much, regardless. Personally, I'd rather fork out the money and buy a R9 knowing it sounds the best rather than spend 60% of that on something else and not be happy with it.

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i think Tim has nailed it.


If you want a 59, then thats what you should buy. otherwise you'll end up trading in the guitar you bought (and take a loss) in order to fund the one you should have bought in the first place. but i cannot stress this enough:


DO NOT BUY A GUITAR (ESPECIALLY ONE THAT EXPENSIVE) BASED ON LOOKS! you will know when it is the right guitar. like i said last night, each one is different. dont buy the first R-whatever you see because it has a nice finish, or a nice flametop.


and just to prove my point, i was just playing a 2008 R7 this morning at the same store I bought my R8. The R7 is the same guitar (same electronics, etc) with a goldtop finish and a slightly larger neck, right?


Completely different guitars. This thing was harsh and trebley- i had both tones at 0 and the treble on the amp at 0...it just wasn't working for me at all. No way I would ever buy that guitar.


and btw Tim,

1) you are obessed...its ok, me too!

2) you're doing a good for justifiying your purchase. I'm convinced, but are you? eusa_whistle.gif

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there arent as many R9 owners here as there are on other forums. you might want to do a search of the MLP site.


i dont think the question was R9... it was 1958 and 1959 right?


i tell you what... ill play a couple of hours tonight with my 1958 my grandfather left me, and tomorrow i will borrow my neighbours´1959 that he got cheap at cosco.


then ill post comparissons.

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FennRx and Tim A thank you both for your comments i think iam now satisfied with the answers and will make up my own mind, i definitly know that the looks on the guitar is not that important as im buying one for sound, so ill go and try it out for myself.

If you want to check it out there is a guy selling an original 1960 les paul on ebay for like 90,000 english pounds.


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Man, I type way too much some times...=D>


and btw Tim' date='

1) you are obessed...its ok, me too!

2) you're doing a good for justifiying your purchase. I'm convinced, but are you? [img']http://forum.gibson.com/public/style_emoticons/default/eusa_whistle.gif[/img]

Justifying? No, no...justified! I would have gladly paid more than what I did to own this guitar.

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R4 = 1954 reissue

etc. etc.

R0 = 1960 Les Paul Reissue.


A R0 is the exact same as a R9 (59 reissue, flame top, mucho denero) but with a slimmer neck profile.


Guitar Center also sells R0s with a plain top, like the 58 Les Paul. Same price as the 58 and they're Guitar Center exclusives.

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