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Gibson J-185 TV. What's wrong here?

Peter Zed

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It truely is sad that companies / people make and buy fake guitars on purpose because of how cheap they are sold for.

If you cant afford a Gibson guitar' date=' then you don't deserve to play guitars[/quote']


That's quite a statement.


First of all this guitar is not a fake. It's a Gibson, but it has a few interesting issues we have been discussing.

It's clearly a beautifully made high quality instrument, in addition it is not cheap..


Second, and more importantly, I personally think it is a very wrong and unfair thing to say "if you can't afford a Gibson guitar then you don't deserve to play". There are many people in the world who cannot afford a Gibson guitar, but they all deserve the opportunity to play an instrument if they wish to. Furthermore there are a lot of people in the world that cannot afford their next meal, never mind a Gibson guitar, but they DESERVE every chance in life that each and every one of us has.

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Can't speak for the other 'irregularities', if that is what they are, but I remember discussing the dot attached to the G on this forum, years ago. I seem to recall that when the logo was a decal, the dot had a habit of falling off. The solution was to graft it to the G to help anchor it.


I've worked with decals (self adhesive backed vinyl applique), and an extremely small decal, like this lone dot hanging out in the middle of nowhere had a hard time staying adhered to what it was stuck to.


In the blown-up/enhanced headstock shown above I detect the hint of a dot's shadow.... or I've got dust on my bifocals.

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I recall a person posting on this forum a couple of years ago, that he bought a 185 TV and it did not have crosses. It is possible that it did not have the correct bridge and is still a TV.


I guess the best way to find out would be to get the serial # and call Gibson.


Other than the crosses it looks like a TV...

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