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My son's 2009 LP Deluxe (weight relieved) with Burstbuckers gives off a mean crunch/growl sound that is simply awesome. Whereas my 2008 LP Studio (chambered) with 498T gives off minimal growl...in fact, my SG Std also with 498T gives off a similar (but less) crunch/growl as my son's weighty Deluxe. I compare our LP guitars to an Irish tenors vs Michael Jackson. I wish my LP had a manlier/deeper sound...


Is the coveted sound because of the pickups or the mass of the guitar, or both?

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2009 LP Deluxe? are they making Deluxes these days?


Deluxes have mini-humbuckers.



Haven't made LP Deluxes, for at least 2 years...that I know of. MF had a special

run, several years ago...Gold Top, Wine Red, and Black...as I remember. But,

I haven't seen any, newer ones, since then. ALL had mini-humbuckers. I have

a '76 (Cherry Sunburst) Deluxe, and it can get all the "Crunch" you'd ever want!

If I don't have a 4x12 cabinet handy, I use a EQ pedal, to beef up the bottom

end, if needed. So...don't know, what's going on with his "Studio?" I would think,

he'd be able to get plenty, of crunch, and deeper bottom end, too. Vox has the

"darker" tone, than the Fender (I know nothing about "Line 6" amps), but an EQ

pedal, alone, can do a lot, to fatten up the tone....if needed?



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This is it...Studio Deluxe...got his from GC last summer. "Stiffhand" is correct...BB-Pro pups.




The 498T on my SG Stnd growls (especially with Eric Johnson Nickel Rocker, less so with generic GHS NR's)....can only get a wimper out of my Studio. I may swap out for some BB Pro's...but expect it's the mass too. We've also messed with it on his Line6 M13. oh, well... Thanks guys!


Addendum: Thought about replacing 498T with BB Pro (just the bridge)...but when I strum each guitar hanging on the wall, mine sounds almost like an acoustic (bright and tinny)...whereas my son's had a much fuller deeper sound...wt/mass thing...which I don't think new pups will 'fix'.

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