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Things you've done in your lifetime that you regret


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Im going to add in another one.


Stealing a plastic knife from Mcdonalds, then going to the bank, grab someone from behind and threatened to kill him if I didn't get 2000$ to get a Les Paul.



Well, Half of that I don't regret [crying]




and sadly half of it isn't true

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I wish I would have spent more time with my grandmother and grandfather.

Seems when you're young you're so self-centered you neglect all that is awesome about you.

All the hours I missed out on...the wisdom they could have bestowed.


So True. My grandmother passed 5 years ago and my Grandfather last year at 96.

They were married for over 65 years - amazing.

All I can think of is how much time I missed out on with them.

I was "too busy" and always thought they would be there when I got more time.

I've lost so much because of it.

I know exactly how you feel.

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Since you ask, I have 2. One I think really affected my life, the other is just a "craaaaaaaaaaap" moment.


First one was in 8th grade. It was about three months before school ended and I saved up enough money and bought a Squier starter pack. I loved it, I played it all the time, and started learning songs. I got together with my one friend, who had also just bought a guitar, and we were gonna start a band for the talent show. One friend had a bass laying his house, so he played bass, and another wanted to play drums, so we got our teacher to let us use her brother's drum set. We learned 3 Green Day songs (just for Murph [cool] but mainly because they were really easy :-k ) I was playing rhythm and singing because I could actually sound like Billie Joe. About two weeks before the talent show, I got terrible pneumonia and I couldn't leave the house for a month. I had a 104 fever and could hardly eat. I missed the talent show, and I never wanted to pick up the guitar because for some reason, I blamed the guitar for what happened. Didn't even think about picking it up until Junior Year, signed up for a guitar class at school, and the rest is history. That is my one true regret, thinking about all the time I had wasted, and everything I forgot. But I like to believe everything happens for a reason, so it had to be something.


The other is kind of stupid, skip reading this if you want. Last summer, I really liked a girl, turns out she was just using me and I didn't realize it. I did a lot of stupid stuff for her, and it was for nothing. After she pretty much gave me the middle finger and told me I wasn't worth it, I was pretty shaken up. I pushed a lot of friends out of my life. My one friend tried talking to me about it and I was a jerk to her at that time. I find out this summer after school is over, that she liked me, and I used to like her, but didn't think I had a chance. Lesson one: don't be stupid. Lesson Two: don't take anyone or anything for granted. The only good thing I got out of the first girl was a good song I wrote about it.


But, like all regrets [confused]

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