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Favorite time of music

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Can't possibly choose.


All I play on guitar has been written sometime this century (from the '20s 'till now) but, forced to spend eternity on a desert island with music from only two composers I'd choose Bach and Beethoven in a heartbeat.

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All times, past and present, have great music...I grew up in the '60's...so, that's My favorite time...to mid-70's (pre-Disco).

But, the 80's, 90's, and current had/have good music, too...you just make the effort, to find it. But then, I like all kinds

of different music, too. (Except "Rap!!") So...???



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I feel a bit pedantic by making this choice (as opposed to 1800s, or 40s/50s,) but I chose the 70s...


Most of my favorite albums came out during either the 60s or 70s, but the majority of Led Zeppelin's output was during the 70s, and I'm also a huge fan of Rory Gallagher's 70s work. Of course, There's a lot of other stuff too. My favorite period for the Grateful Dead was the 70s, and there was also Cactus, Humble Pie, stuff like that. Then again, I could've chosen the 60s, with The Byrds...Creedence...Blue Cheer...Vanilla Fudge...Jimi...Ten Years After...


Well, 60s-70s.

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Hard one to answer. It's like saying what is your favorite color or favorite food, it changes with mood and context.


I dearly love romantic to modern "classical" music, jazz from the 40s to the present, rock from the 50s to the present, blues from the delta to Chicago, R&B (mostly what they used to call R&:-k, Cape Verde Island music, 'classic rock' Brazilian Music, Salsa, Soca, Reggae, to dozens of other kinds of music from so many different eras. Not that I like everything from any of those genres, there are some examples I dearly love, others don't do a thing for me, and others are in-between.


IMHO Life is too short to listen to only one kind of music or one era of music.


So my answer would be "all of the above"


Notes ?

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