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While playing your Les


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Been there done that playing at a bar ended a set some friends yelled out so I raised my guitar up as a wave. yep a raised stage and a low ceiling fan Wack nice ding and I felt like a total dweeb...:^o


Still have the Firebird and still think about that #$%$ fan every time I see that ding.


hey man, did you have that fixed or did you leave it that way as something to remember not to do that again?


i think pics would help as warning to those here who still go on gigs or plan to

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I heard somewhere that that was how Pete Townshend & the rest of The Who got into the whole smashing their gear thing. They were playing a low-ceilinged venue & he swung his guitar up' date=' snapping the head off on the roof. When someone in the crowd laughed he got p***ed off & trashed his guitar completely. Sounds plausible.[/quote']


I heard it was more like "I-meant-to-do-that", and it just took off, read it in one of them guitar rags, and look at it now, now it's considered "artistic expression"...gimme a break.

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