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Anyone interested in seeing my JP transformation of an Agile AL2500?

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I'm a big fan of Agile guitars, and their Les Paul copy is a VERY good guitar for the $. I recently got a b-stock honey sunburst that I am making into a Jimmy Page number 2. Sorry, I just don't have 8 grand to drop on a guitar. I can barely get the Studio 50's Tribute.

Right now it's with the tech getting the harness and wiring done. I did all I could do, and the soldering needed is way beyond my skills. I can solder P90's but the Page wiring is crazy.

I dulled the guitar down with a green scotchbrite pad to give it more of an aged, but not relic'd look


Here's a couple of teaser pics before the de-glossing




Post scotchbrite assault



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Well, it's done. My tech did most of the heavy lifting. I can solder ok at best, and this wiring schematic would be brutal for me, and I'd end up taking it to him anyway.

It sounds great. I'm still working with it, trying to coax out the the various tones it can make. So far, so freaking amazing. www.sweetandsound.com is the tech who did the work, I can easily recommend him for anyone living in the Marlborough, MA area.

onto the pr0n! (these are thumbnails, click for bigger pic)

And some hi-res shots here




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