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Acoustic guitar music recommendations please.

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Now, I don't know much about american acoustic guitar styles, but I know what I like, and the piece in this video is beautiful;





I'm looking for instrumental acoustic stuff in a similar style. Suggestions please?

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Lenny Breau :-

He does both acoustic and eletric but he has some records just all acoustic...wonderful. [crying]


Any particular tunes you have in mind?

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I agree wholeheartedly with dem00n on the Lenny Breau recommendation. Cabin Fever is also what I'd start out with.


Also, check out some Leo Kottke. His album One Guitar, No Vocals is pretty interesting--not the most accessible, but it's music that rewards patience very heavily. His album 6 & 12 String Guitar is also really great.


I would also recommend some John Renbourn. His solo acoustic work is fantastic. He does lots of traditional pieces, folk pieces, and a relatively wide array of original works. Here's him doing "The South Wind" into "Blarney Pilgrim":



I would also recommend John Renbourn's bandmate from Pentangle, Bert Jansch. Anything from him is really, really good, but his third and fourth albums (Jack Orion and Bert and John) also feature John Renbourne, and the interplay between the two guitars is stunning in its dynamism and sensitivity.


Phil Keaggy's 1991 album Beyond Nature is also really great.


That oughta get you started. [crying]

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Leo Kottke ain't a kid - but theres a lot of reaally good stuff on Youtube by the guy.


BTW, Kottke has a reeeeeeally strange sense of humor.



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All the guys I was about to mention have already been listed by XDemonknight! How weird is that?


In which case I'd just add a few more...


Stefan Grossman as a solo artist and also when he played and recorded some duets with John Renbourn - I saw them perform in '79 and they were awesome. There is an album called simply 'Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn'.


All of John Martyn's early stuff.


**** Gaughan is absolutely terriffic - in a 'Scottish Vernacular' type of way!


Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy are perennial favourites.


Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee are one of the great blues pairings.


Paco Pena and Paco di Lucia for a more 'Latin' flavour.


Andres Segovia for a more 'Classical' approach cannot be beaten.


Django, of course, but surely that goes without saying?...


Here's a taster of **** Gaughan. Enjoy.



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