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I guess they deleted everything with the new forum. I had a thread up asking for help with my Valve Jr. All I have done is replaced the Output Transformer with a Hammond 125DSE, and maybe 6 resistors or so. Its had a wicked hum ever since I did it, even though it does have more punch. The hum goes away when i turn the tone pot all the way off on my guitar. I've tried two different guitars and plugged the amp into different houses. The circuit board is a new black one. When i touch anything metal on the guitar, or the amp (like mounting screws on top), the hum changes. I've tried re soldering all the resisters, moving wires around, but nothing changes.


Maybe its due to the Volume Pot? I cant remember if it was the volume or input jack, but the first time i pulled the board, It bent the little mini-circuit board up, just bent it back down and it appeared intact. Thats the only thing i can think of.


If I cant fix this on my own, I'd be willing to mail it to someone to mod it for me. But thats a last resort O:)

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Try the old chopstick test. Keep your fingers out of it, we don't want fatal shocks involved, and touching it with your finger would only make it hum more anyway. Chopsticks don't conduct electricity... unless you chew on 'em to long. :)


Turn the amp on and up before you do this. Use the chopsticks to try and wiggle those little component boards and their modular connectors that may or may not have been bent. O:) If you get crackly noises out of the speaker, or the hum or the squeal changes, you will have found a problem. Chopsticks are indispensable bench tools for tube amps.



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What do you mean --- doesn't everyone's mother remind them when their main squeeze dumps 'em, "there are always other fish in the sea?" He just tok the advice literally! (rim shot here!)


And extra points for a fish joke made by a guy named "Gill"! Now go practice some scales before we fin-ish this thread!

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