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New Melody Maker Pickups - not P90s

Zaphod B

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I posed this question in the old forums but never got a bite.


The new Melody Makers have conventional single-coil pickups rather than P90s. They seem to be very hot, and I do like the way they sound.


Does anyone know anything about these pickups? I even emailed Gibson tech support a few months back about recommended pickup height, and the guy that responded didn't have any information on them.

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The Melody Maker pickup is a "stacked coils"; so it got a clear sound like the single coil pickup, and no hum.

The magnets are "multiceramics". So I think that it aren´t AlNiCo but there aren´t a ceramic bar.

I like these pickups.

I own a Melody Maker Dual Pickup.

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