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A little help please?


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I recently purchased a Epi Les Paul Chameleon facory second online (Note a small pock mark on the top, virtually invisible, other than that, cosmetics are good). Did, however, notice that when playing at 12th fret, it actually is playing as if it were at the 13th (PLaying GNR Sweet Child o mine sounds REELLY high pitch). I stepped it back to the 11th fret and sounds perfect. (All tabs for that song say start at 12th fret, and all demos Ive seen on youtube are at 12th and sound right. Why is this? I have 23 frets (if you count the shortest one closest to the first pickup.) What gives?#-o

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OK well to answer your question ,most rock bands,the new country bands

all the guitars are tuned down one half step in pitch.

simple to do ,all most all tuners you buy now have a botton on them to turn down one half step

as far as what your saying ,

First have you had the guitar set up .i ask this because most i see or get in

need to be set up ,to be correct ,( IE ) the intonenation

is off most all the time for sure .

If you have put on new strings ,and have changed the string guage

you`ll need it set up for the strings you put on ,if you go from 10 to 12 guage

or change from heavy to light guage strings always need the guitar reset

A good tech can go into more detail as to why.

i can ,but not knowing your level of understanding of why setup

works ,and or if you know how to do a setup.It`s a lot more then

just changing string hight,and intoneation,pickups play a part as well as

neck adjustment .bridge ,and nut , there is a lot to learn

the cause and effect when it comes to a good setup for sure ..

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I have to ask you this first,have you had the guitar setup ?

just a couple of things that really need to be checked out on a new guitar..

But in answer to your question ,you say it sounds right when played on the eleventh fret

very simple answer ,most rock and country band are tuned down a half step from A-440

standerd pitch ...

i hope this help you ,

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