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Les Paul-100 or Les Paul Studio?


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I'd have to agree that going for the Studio is sensible if you can stretch to it.

Sample variation notwithstanding, it's probably where the acceptable level of absolute quality starts for many folks. The Studio is a perfectly good pro standard Les Paul type guitar. I'm not sure the LP100 quite cuts it at that level ...though it's still a perfectly decent and functional instrument.

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Studioooooo!!! you wont regret!! I own one actually...(see avatar)...

Main Differences:


*Neck: 100 is bolted on, while studio is set (more sustain, much more)

*Body: studio has a fatter Mahogany body like gibsons...(better tone I think...fatter sound) while 100 is a thinner body....

*Studio has hotter pickups...


Studio also weighs more than the LP100 (but who can complain?? Gibsons are also heavy guitars (LP). Studio is far better in my humble opinion. Is the same guitar as the Standard but without the cosmethics...binding, flamed maple, etc, etc, and it has the gibson sound and feel...for an incredibly lower price...


No doubt buddy go for the studio!!!!!!!


Video of my country's national anthem in my studio LP...hope u enjoy it...


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See u!!!


PD: this is my 1st post! sorry if a made some spelling mistakes or sth... actually, im not an english speaker....

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