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If there's already a topic for this, sorry, and you can just delete this one!


Please provide a picture and description (optional).



LP Ultra with Gibson '57 Classic Plus PAF Humbucker and Gibson green key tuners.



'66 Reissue SG, in REAL Heritage Cherry!



So now show me your guitars!

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Anyone ever hear of a home burglar operating from pictures on the internet? After all, our profile and a white pages search could provide too much info to the wrong person. Just something I've always wondered about. I've alway been hesitant to post my gear on a web page.

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V-Type: What does MIK stand for?


Dave: Don't worry' date=' I don't even know what white pages is!

Besides, you could take a picture of it on a bed or a carpet.


RSDx: I almost got a Flametop Honeybust LP just like yours, but the one I looked at played badly; I'm not saying yours does!


MIK=Made in Korea

MIC=Made in China

CIJ=Crafted in Japan



Thats OK I recently found out what GAS means(Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

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my '91 Epi LP Std flame top that I picked up a couple weeks ago...





planning on swapping in some SD '59s, CTS pots w/ new gibson gold tophat knobs, bumblebee .022 repro caps, switchcraft switch and output jack, vintage wiring, the works... just waiting on the bees to show up....




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Volt' date=' how do you like that Pignose? I've thought about picking one up just for kicks. I've heard good things about them. [/quote']

The Pignose is sooo freeking cool! It runs off of AA batteries or an AC adapter. It puts out about 5 watts which is fairly loud, it may surprise you. It will distort fairly well at full volume. It has a small storage compartment. It's built like a battleship.

Did I mention it was cool.


I love it!

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Sorry for the crappy quality of the image. My camera sucks. Anywho, my guitar stuff:




Clockwise from left:


Vox AD100VT

'04 Epiphone Les Paul Standard (pickguard changed to a black 5-ply)

~'02 Washburn D10SCE

Fender Tuner

Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus

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Well it's late; I'm just home from work and full of energy. Ask and you shall receive! Like Matiac I too need to take some new pictures and I too apologize for the redundant boring pictures!

Elitist Sheraton, Elitist Broadway, Emperor Regent, Elitist Casino, Elitist Byrdland, Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus and lastly and Elitist Tak Matsumoto.





This next picture is of my Gibson's; they are an ES 137, 1956 Goldtop Reissue and an ES 335.


For the next picture we have my Eastman’s; a 910ce and an 810 ce





These guitars drive the following pedals and combo amplifiers:

up top--Carr Mercury, Fender Blues Deluxe

bottom---- Fender Custom Shop 1964 VibroVerb Custom, Fender Twin, Fender Bassman and an Epiphone Blues Custom 30. The pedals are a couple of Ibanez Tube Screamers, an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail, a Dunlop Uni Vibe and a Dunlop Cry Baby.






Eric Johnson Sig, Custom Shop 1956 Strat relic, 1952 hot rod tele, American Tele Deluxe, American Strat Deluxe and an Amercan Strat plus




Acoustics Martin D35, MAsterbilt aj500r, Little Martin, Epi Masterbilt DR500ra, Martin 00-28 and an Epi Masterbilt Ukulele





Sorry guys, I had a whole new new layout set with individual pics of all of em and then hit the back button by accident! Needless to say I wasted a lot of time and the above is just copied and pasted from a previous thread! I guess I'm too tired and lazy to do it again. I've succeeded at boring myself along with the rest of you and it's time for bed.


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