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why why why epi why?


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Ah, I feel for all you southpaw guitarists. Definitely getting the brown end of the stick with respect to guitar selection...


However. It's quite simple; supply and demand. Even the right-handed Explorer is not exactly a "big seller"... I'm frankly amazed that they haven't removed it from the lineup. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only guy that ever ordered one from our store, back in 2000 or so. So... if the right-handed models are selling that slowly, imagine how long it's going to take to get rid of a batch of lefties. I don't know what the minimum production run has to be on any particular model, but I'm betting it's in the thousands... and if the marketing department doesn't see enough of a demand, well, they aren't going to make them. Remember, after all, it's a business, not some kind of charity, and it's the bottom line that influences these decisions. Same goes for a lot of cool right-handed instruments: check out all the nifty guitars that were in the 1999 Epiphone lineup and that have since been dropped because nobody bought them, or at least, not enough people bought them.

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