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Can someone help identify my Flying V?

Mr. Guineapig

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I recently acquired a used Epi Flying V. Or what I *thought* is an Epi V. There is an Epiphone logo decal on the headstock (it's under the clearcoat, not on top), and that's about where the ID ends.


There's no serial number, only a "3" stamped into the back of the headstock. It has a sticker on the neck heel that says "FLY V MAG"; the color is magenta. I've tried doing a Google searh and *nothing* has come up for Epi making a magenta guitar. Or pink. Not even a cheap knock-off is listed as being a V copy.


The guitar has black hardware, and a non-locking trem.


So, I'm stumped. What do I own?


Any info appreciated.


Mr. G

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Epiphone has slapped their name on a lot of weird Korean guitars over the past couple of decades... so just about anything is possible. Some pics would be helpful. First question: Does it have a set or a bolt-on neck? That 3... could it actually be a poorly stamped "B"? As in "B" stock? That might explain the lack of a serial. The FLY V MAG designation sounds right for a late eighties Samick-made instrument.

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