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New Epiphone Added To My Stable Today


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Just got home from a GAS attack. Bought a new (supposedly) Dot ES-335 Natural finish from the local Guitar Center.

That's two new Epiphones this month!


It has the same EE prefix as my Les Paul, and was also inspected by #12, same as my Les Paul. Even though the Dot is newer bought, it is older built. 12/06 vs. 2/07.


It plays great and the tone is a little brighter than my LP.






Only one more guitar on my want list, an ES-175. Maybe next year. ;)

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Nice Dot, congrats! For the price you really can't got wrong. I love mine.


By the way, don't expect GAS to go away, especially if you hang out here and keep feeding it with all of the great looking guitars owned by the guys and gals here. Just when you think you are over it another great looking guitar pops up.

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