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Valve Junior Upgrade kits?


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I noticed some places sell VJ upgrade kits (can't find the link now though) consisting of a Valve Junior blank board and all the components. I don't know much about these. Do they tend to come with better components, or the V3 layout, etc? Is it worth taking my DC rectifier + 200uF C6 modded V1 and throwing in a fresh board with new components? (I have the V3 OT in there)


I also noticed the VJ uses diodes for a rectifier, instead of a silicon bridge rectifier IC (which is just 4 diodes anyway). Opinions on that?

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turretboards.com has some great stuff. I'm getting an unloaded board from them.

components are better than stock vjs.

values are for M F or V typically, so the tweaking's done in advance.


I'm getting a board so I can add a 6V6 tube.

It really depends on what you've done.. if your amp is modded now, you'd just be remodding it.



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Unless you've modded and patched your poor old board to death, in which case a turretboard is like getting a heart transplant, except it's a brand new heart, custom engineered any way you see fit. Now if only we could do that for people!



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