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Looking for a bridge for my early 90´s Sheraton. Photo


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Hi everybody,


I´m writing from Spain. I´m looking for a bridge for my sheraton II (gold hardware)it has 2 broken saddles. It´s a second hand guitar, made in 1991-1992. Here in the forum i´ve read the normal bridge doesn´t work for this model. I´m thinking to buy one of those models but i don´t know if they have the right width:


Schaller STM http://schaller-guitarparts.de/hp31000/STM-Bridges-and-Tailpieces.htm


Schaller GTM





¿is this one the best?


Please if somebody can help i would be very grateful. I wait your responses. Sorry about my english. See u.


P.D.: the serial number is 9082072



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WDmusic.com has these in the right size shape and color...


that third one MAY fit..

but the other two have the wrong size end screws or height bolts, it seems to me.

I think this is the right one..


you can email them and check



attention: RON


He's a parts guy there and knows his stuff.

make sure he knows it for an epiphone sheraton..


I'm a dealer so you can get a good price out of me. *s*


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By the way I just snapped a screw head off one of my saddles and am planning on buying one myself.

I think these are the only ones that will fit our year sheratons.

the tone pros metric locking tail style may fit.. I haven't checked to see if you can buy the bridge seperately, but I'm not sure about the post spacing.. our model sheris were a bit odd I believe.. korean models varied during certain years from current production.


depends on which plant and stuff.. *g*

but yours looks like mine.. the slightly squared shoulders, the width, etc...

so that would be my bet.

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Thanks mates. It looks like the original one. I found it in a UK shop and i´m gonna order it. I´ll write here when i got it. By the way, Have you got any idea for the tailpiece??. Thanks again i was going nut looking for the bridge.

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