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who decides value?


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i ranted on the epi or gibby thread. sorry..inspired me for a topic... who decides value and price?


i mean seriously---people will pay anything just to have something that someone else cant. my 1936 acoustic is probably worth more than most of my guitars- but its crap... hard v neck thats bowed like a willow branch and the tone of my ***..... only reason i wont sell it- it was my step fathers uncles he had in a bluegrass band when the guitar was made (cousin has the matching mandolin)...


so why is it that crap like the fender duo sonic, gibson melody maker and etc going up in such value? all the cool surf fenders went through the roof after the SEATLE craze.. it seems like once soemthing is 20 years old, it starts to be worth nothing..then at 25-30 it soars... and it may be garbage.


makes me wonder if i should start picking up some single pick up no pickgaurd strats or kramers/bently series10 knock offs and wait ten years for the whole hairmetal craze to come back (well considering the new prophecy series epi just put out, it might just happen) so whats the next big thing gonna be so i can cash in in 10 years to the nerds that jsut HAVE to have something? i want a lefty mustang because im a small dude... but i would never pay 1200 and up for one. i wouldnt buy another GOOD fender for that much (id buy a standard used or discounted and mod it like i did with mine) sowhat gives? and what are your thoughts?

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Good question. It seems like the Japanese started this "Vintage" craze, during the early '80's, when

they were buying everything "American" especially vintage clothing, guitars, cars, etc., during their

very prosperous economic "Bubble" period. Not sure, about this, but it seems like, that's when it started,

or at least, really "took off!" They paid top dollar and even way more, for real "Vintage" gear! I remember,

before that time, "Vintage" or not, it was still just a "used guitar!" Clapton bought 4 or 5 real '50's era Strats,

for 150 dollars each, back before the "Vintage craze" took hold. Point is, there was/is a "market" for it, some

clever marketers seized the moment, and the world has been NUTS, ever since! LOL!! So, as long as there's

a "Market," no matter what it is, there will be a demand, and crazy prices, to go with it.


Charlie B.

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Maybe I'm just cynical, but the way guitars are mass-produced today, I have a hard time believing that anything made now will ever be collectable or valueable beyond its sticker price. Everybody in the world plays guitar and more and more instruments get chruned out each year as cheaply as possible. There's no more mythos about the golden age of guitars where everything was hand-made and hand-wired and rolled in the thighs of virgins. Even limited editions aren't special anymore, the way Fender and Gibson keep coming out with random flavor-of-the-month stuff that's supposed to tickle collectors when they're really just selling any excuse possible to exploit those people's gotta-have-it sensibilities (Robot guitar? The hell?).


Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this morning, but I can't help thinking that if you want that guitar to be worth something someday, you'd better get to work on becoming a rock star. And if you are a rock star, you'd better be giving the money to charity.


Rant over.


(This isn't being directed to the original poster or anyone at all, I'm just speaking in general terms. Dose of hard reality for the kids out there that see a 1959 Les Paul selling for $20,000 and think they should get the same for their Special II someday.)

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it will probably all die out along with collecting old Dinky toys and other 50's related matters as the collectors of all this stuff die off as well .As the rich old men disappear ,rich younger men will collect their own iconic dream possessions. Most vintage guitars are collected by men who could not afford them when young . Note I said men .Women are far too sensible to collect anything except possible teddy bears and dolls and small furry animals .LOL

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allah says you're all going to hell anyway just for looking at those sexy guitars.


in victorian times it was said the site of a womans legs could drive any man into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy.

so they even put pants on table legs, so men wouldn't even get an analoged hint of sexuality.



which goes a long way toward explaining my uncle coffee table.



everything you possess makes you superior.

spend more money.


yours truly,

the united states spendifying board of trustees.

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i don't think I'd collect guitars


maybe fretless banjos, pre civil war fiddles, flatbed trucks with aux. trannys in them, and tractors!!


I'm being serious...


my cuz collects tractors and other farm implements...


he took my grandmas ol' ford tractor, as a kid we usta try to start it up and **** around with it...


i mean, one day we got in trouble for fiddlin' with it, and my dad comes out and goes "like, if you wanted to drive it, at least adjust the spark advance right"



thats when i found out about manual spark advance... anyways, long story short, i don't think guitars are all that collectible... lest they got bar frets in them...

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