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Tweed Tone Tweaks....?


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Well, finally got this thing in - seems using a linear pot was messing with the amount of high end roll off i was getting which is all i'm really after anyway for when the amp gets turned up. BUT, a couple of things I'm curious about.....


First, where is that ultra high pitched whine I'm getting now coming from as I turn towards the treble?


I've got the knob mounted on the back taking the leads from the three little nibs between the tubes - something tells me there's an issue here, but I don't want another hole on the front...


Second, I've tried both a 390pf and 500pf caps, but both seem to be over the top trebley and make it hard to find that little spot that is my great sounding amp - what should I be looking at if I really don't like that tweaky treble on that side that much - or maybe even to give it a little scoop (can it be done like that?) when the knob goes that way?




Thanks for any input and help!

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I use two 390s on mine in parallel...

it was just hella bright before.. now it seems to me that I got a little more mids.



and you may have your wiring going across the ot's wires and getting squeal from there.. only way to tell that is chopstick the wires away form each other and see if it goes away..

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Thanks Twang - I'll have a peek at where those OT wires are setting. So in addition to that tweaky high end - which I've discovered is actually great with the Lpad - this set up seems actually have more bass response as the volume of the amp gets turned up, but I'm curious if this same tone rig would sound and behave the same at, where is it, R6 where my bitmo went in?javascript:insertsmiley(':-k ','/images/emoticons/eusa_think.gif')

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sewatt's got a thread going right now. .. theres' the tweed tone, the bitmo, the moonlight and one called 'that' tone control..

and man. there sure is a lot of information and discussion.. schematics, drawings.. component values swaps.. all going on at once.


might make you dizzy at first, but sure is good info!


something I've decided is that the tone control is going to be rather like the amp itself.. this is simple.. and asking one amp to do a great deal while not shelling out major bucks for it. well.. you may have to settle for an improvement that isn't really booteek in the sense of being superpowerful..but gives you the sounds you should expect for the money.

the vjs are a bit limited in that the simple design limits you somewhat.. so does the tweed tone.. it's pretty simple and there's only so much you can do.

all the different tone controls seem to have weakness and strength.. decided by the initial amp design primarily.

least that's how I'm seeing it.


my tone control is giving me enough range to get that clean tone at lowest or highest vol.. and same with the drive swapping out pups etc...

and while it's not a TMB stack.. or active tone controls, takes a bit to get used to.. it can be pretty darn sweet.


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yeah - been following that stuff over at sewatt....

i wanted to go with something simple as i am schematically challenged and always tight on time with the fam work and the bands

- i think part of what was slowing me down was not realizing I had it hooked up right because that treble thing on the tweed sounded sooo different than the bitmo i've got in the marshall mod.

now that i see i've got it right after all i may try the parallel caps you mentioned to get a bit more midrange in there, but i think it's time to let it sit for a bit and play with it to get to know it before trying something else......sure is fun though : )


thanks for the input twang!

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