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tom nair

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-Mine is also from the Unsung plant. The only finish imperfection is at the heel. It looks like someone took an eraser and lightened a small bit of finish there before the poly was applied.


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Matt D.[/quote']



It's good to see ya back on the board.

Geez it's like a family reunion.

Love that quilt top LP!

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I believe my Ultra II is from the Unsung plant - the SN starts with U. I have looked it over many many times, and have yet to find a physical flaw in the finish. The neck pup has a small dent in it, but Epi is replacing it under warranty. :) . The guitar sounds and plays great - stays in tune - what more could you ask for :(/

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I was looking for an overall view about the quality. You know, we here about the shine plant and how great it was and I was wondering if the korean models stood up. I have seen posts that the chinese guitars were lacking but I really don't know the scoop. I really like mine and have zero complaints.

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Unsung have been one of the better and more consistant OEM makers of standard range Epis in my experience.

Saien are pretty good too.

I don't think we should read too much into which factory a guitar came from though. There are good and less good examples from most sources.


As for the Korea versus China argument. The early Chinese production maybe suffered from the factories being at the beginning of the learning curve. In terms of fit and finish they've come on pretty well in the last couple years.

[Though QC isn't what it could be]

Again, to state that Korean production is always better than Chinese [or vice versa] is a bit daft ;^)

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just found this post, so i will add my opinion (for what it is worth)

I have 170 guitars,  mostly gibson, fender, gretsch, dobro etc, and a few epiphones. Some of the epiphone guitars i have are from Unsung, including a sheraton from 88. To say it is excellent would be an understatement. In 88 or 89, guitarist magazine did a comparison of a Korean Sheraton (Unsung) and a gibson 335(kalamazoo, i think).  I still have the magazine. The conclusion they came to was that the Sheraton build quality was far superior to the 335, which was 4 times the price. the only down side (in their opinion), was that the Sheraton pickups were "a touch polite".  I disagree.  I also have a chinese made Les Paul, the Peter Green model from JHS and Trevor Wilkinson. It is so good that I sold one of my Gibson LPs (i have 15).  Just bought a 59 custom shop LP, expensive, but Gibson seem to have their mojo back . In 55 years on the road and 45  years of guitar repair, I have seen every possible combination of good and bad.  I have played expensive Gibson guitars that were dreadful, and Chinese guitars that were excellent.  It generally depends on the price point as to the quality. I worked part time for a while for a distributor of Jay Turser guitars, doing setups etc. before they were shipped out. They were cheap, but generally were great guitars for very little money.  if you want to see how bad a guitar can be, just look for a 60'6 Top Twenty.  Unplayable, my bass player in 67 had one, dreadful

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I have had the brand spanking new Sheraton II Pro made in China  from Sweetwater and one off ebay from unsung Korea. I compared them quite a bit. Personally and of course this is just my opinion I thought the one from unsung Korea was the greatest guitar I ever saw in my life and it sounded like angels singing from heaven. I thought the Chinese version did not hold a candle and fit and finish or in sound. So I sent it back to Sweetwater   You may find other people that think differently but I thought the one from my Un Sunh Korea was the greatest guitar I’ve ever seen. It has a wonderful sweet beautiful warm sound even one plate acoustically but of course minute plugged in it sounds like angels are playing harps from heaven. I have lots of guitars. And they are all great. A custom D 42 from Martin. And SJ 200 from Gibson. Now I D 18 from gibson from Sweetwater. Wonderful Taylor nylon NS32CE. And I like them all. At one it comes to the semi hollow body it is really really really hard to beat this wonderful guitar. I play the Blues with it on my quilter MicroPro Mach 2 amplifier. Now you have to understand it’s the sound that people are looking for and this one here the sound I like. I do not like Crunch or metal whatsoever. I like the clean sounds in the bluesy break up that is just right on this Sheraton II from Korea. I have the means to buy whatever guitar I would like and thought of buying a 335 Gibson in my buy one in the future but once I bought the Sheraton I haven’t the desire to try to get one of those 335s because why should I win the one I have is so wonderful. 

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