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Hi, just received my first Sherry!! It's now standing proudly next to my Masterbilt acoustic, but I would like to run both of them through a setup with a luthier/guitar man/woman before they get too comfortable..


Can anyone recommend a place/person for me to take them to in the Los Angeles area? east side of town preferably (pasadena/silverlake/glendale) but anywhere within reason.


Obviously I know where the local GC is, but was hoping for more of a personalized (higher quality) service?



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Hi Jules,


If you're ok to drive out to Long Beach- the guitar techs at World of Strings rock...

It's a small "old world" shop that specializes in all strings...

TV Jones ( of tv jones pickups) recommended them to me once upon a time...


I've had them set everything from a Gretsch, a Ric, strat, tele, and even a string bass

and they deliver!


Congrats on the new Sherry! How about some pics!

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There is a dealer in Glendale (Fender's mostly) called "Charles Music" on Glendale Avenue, not far south of the 134 Freeway. The fellow that

runs it, has a great guy (a Mr. Carruthers, I think the name was) in Venice, that does wonderful work. You can drop off your guitar at Charles Music, and pick it back up, a few days later.

Also, if you don't mind going into Hollywood, there's Valdez Guitar Shop (across Sunset, from Guitar Center), and several other's in that area,

as well. Art Valdez has worked on a lot of my guitars (when I used to live in LA), and does excellent work. He was a Fender and Gibson

Service Tech, for years...and builds his own Flaminco and Classical guitars, as well as custom stuff, for all kinds of "Rock" folk. Don't know

what his prices are, nowadays, but he used to be fair/reasonable.


Hope that helps?


Charlie B.

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