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I have just fried the power supply on my pc..!!!



but I'm still interested in doing some clips.

(two other people here have pcs I can ruin, too!)



I hate having to describe tone in words.. talk about a crappy analog!


So.. if anyone wants to.. not give me a tutorial in detail.. but comment on the following...I'd dig it.


I've got a little behringer mixer.. some nice cond. mics... phantom power..

all I want to do is record a short bit... and get it into the pc and onto a site..



I already have to pay for a new power supply. *or pay my kids pal who is all nerdy on pc building.. probably a beer and some kibble*


I had Audacity on the other pc and was planning on using that.. seemed like it would do the job.. I'm not going to buy stuff for this you know.. I just wont be using it enough to justify that. esp. with tape and digital compact studios on my desk.

(I can use my zoom as well as the behringer set up.. )


I can take any digs on my playing.. but it's the tone comments I need to hear! so.. time to look into this clip business and have a little more fun.



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