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POWDER in my paul


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You guys may be right, but come on --- show a little imagination! Yeah, it probably is buffing compound, but there are so many more INTERESTING possibilities ... maybe the guitar was used for smuggling illegal substances in the pup cavities, and that residue could be the key to a worldwide heroin ring. Or maybe some enerprising chemist somewhere was working on a NEW substance that isn't illegal yet, but has um, interesting psychoactive properties. There's always "terrorists" (yeah, that's the ticket!) --- biological weapons in electric guitars? Heck, I've seen guitar cases with great big "Anthrax" or "Hazardous Materials" stickers on 'em. O:)


Or maybe a shipment of guitars was inspected by the police, and some powdered sugar fell off the donuts. You never know! (unless you send it to a forensics lab).

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back during the NYC anthrax scare, a foolish night editor where I work spilled powdered sugar

on the floor and neglected to clean it up...you can imagine the response, as the mail room of the

company where this happened was one of the ones that received the anthrax packages, and the

baby who tested positive was the child of a producer who worked for the company and had visited

the building the day before testing positive


I was also in that mailroom right before the package was discovered and had a few fun days

while it was tested ha ha...

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I believe the term you were aiming for is "Biohazard". Seen the movie Joe Dirt? The Biohazard part in that is priceless. Good use of the sticker as well. Anthrax was actually quite a great band up through the album Persistence of Time. After that, 'twas killed by grunge.

As far as clever responses, I was aiming more towards it being a guitar previously played by The Pixies. #-o

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