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Black Beauty or Custom ?


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The question here is' date=' is that a difference between the Custom and the Black Bowtie or is it a difference between two manufacturers? Are they both Unsungs, or Saeins, or QingDaos? Because if they come from different plants, it's not out of the question that the dimensions will vary a bit.



I wanted to swap the backplates between 2 Epi Les Pauls and they didn't fit!

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I own the Epi "Old Black" now for a few years and it is quite the guitar...I bought it new from Musicians Friend about 5 years ago or so. It drops jaws every time someone sees it for the first time and its sound range is fantastic with the dual P-90's.....add the Bigsby and well.....thats all she wrote........





I tried out the BB and the custom today through one of these new green avt Marshalls' date=' the BB sounded quite muddy although I admit all the guitars tried were a little muddy through the amp, and the custom had the more pleasing sound.

However on you tube I have just heard some great clean and distorted tones coming out of the BB, so now I am confused as what guitar to buy. Can anyone direct me to a guitar magazine review of the guitar ?, what would you recommend out of the two ?


Does the BB have clarity when distorted when playing chords ?


are older epiphones made in Korea that much better than the Chinese ones, as this is what the guitar guy told me


cheers everyone, I have a Fender Jag right now and I am looking for a new guitar to broaden the range of my sound.

I use a spider amp and a danelectro pedal that makes the guitar sound backwards,a snarling dogs wah, and a big muff distortion.


heres my band,although most of these were recorded using my old Danelectro dc 59 which I am selling at the moment.

the reissues of these are rubbish but the old 90`s ones are great.


Oh and one last thing, has anyone see the epiphone "old black" Neal Young guitar, I am totally into that sound at the moment and I think I am drawn to the BB and custom as they have a similarity. [/quote']

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Anyone know the pickup switching on the BLack beauty??? its really confusing me


If you don't believe it's bridge/bridge+middle/neck, touch each pickup with a screwdriver in each switch position.

It's a relatively simple task to rewire if you don't like the default configuration. Two words: Jimmy Page :D

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