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Will the EVJ Head float?

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Just kidding...


So I bought a pack of 100 resistors at Radio Shack because that was the only way to get a 1Meg resistor, guess what? eventhough listed in the package there is no 1M resistor, the back of the pack indicates 3rd band blue for the 1Meg but nada, nothing, no resistor has that color on the 3rd band. Am I missing something? these resistors have 4 color bands the last being gold to indicate tolerance.


I used the highest value in the pack of 470K for R1 and a 100K for R2, the amp sounds brighter and chimey even with my Les Paul with mahogany top. The response to pick attack seems slower.


Will the 470K resistor hurt the amp?



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470 + 470..

resistors in series..

= 940.


so if you hook two 470s end to end and install, you have nearly 1M.


Hey .. I wonder if you could put one 470 in the R1 position. and one 470 at the input.... ?



470 alone wont hurt it at all.

You just wont get all the stuff.

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Thanks, that helps, I was trying to figure it out on the "name that resistor" link but I lost my patience.


I should be back on track.


One more question is: is it safe to use 1/2 watt resistors for R6 and R7?

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