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Customizability of '02 Riviera


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I have my eyes on a Riviera and am considering buying it. It's a 2002 Korean Epiphone Riviera with the mini humbuckers and the frequensator bridge.


I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the mini humbuckers. Are they good quality? I am also guessing that it isn't easily swappable. Are there any other worthwhile pickups that can be swapped in for the mini humbuckers without having to dig into the cavity of the body?

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I have a Korean Riviera, a "Assembled in USA" Sheraton, as well as a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ('76).

All have mini-humbuckers, which, I like a lot!

They have the humbucking sound, quietness, but a brighter voice. Especially in the neck pickup. So,

in my experience, it doesn't have the tendency, to get quite as "muddy" as some full size humbucker's do.

But, again, that's just my experience/opinion. Everyone has different tastes and opinions, as to what is

acceptable, and not.



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The Cherry Riviera is Korean and has Seymour Duncan http://seymourduncan.com replacement pickups. The Sunburst 12string is Japanese, with original pickups - which are quite good, all bright and jangly. I don't remember what the Korean stock pickups sounded like. I changed these because I specifically wanted a different tone in the neck and changed them within a day or two of buying the guitar. I don't think the Japanese OEM pickups are them same as the Korean pickups, either, so I'm not much help to you in that area. But, as you can see replacements are available. Other companies also market ready-made minihumbuckers, and these people http://vintagevibeguitars.com will work with you to design your own pickup in whatever case you want it put into. I'm sure there are others, but I have personal experience with the products of these makers and am quite pleased with the sound. Speak of sound, both of the sites I listed have sound clips which, while not the same as you will get in your setup, will at least give you a general idea of the tone, and how the various models will change.



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