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Epiphone factory id


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Your s/n is most likely IS (zero zero zero five) which would be May of 2000. The 0019 numbers are the production numbers.


I was searching on the old forum where someone was gracious enough to list the manufacturing plant that correlated

to the letters, but was unsuccesful.


I found another discussion at the old forum that did state another guitar w/IS was made in Korea.


Hope this helps.

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heres my indication of the factory id status


I = Saein

U = Unsung

S = Samick

P or R = Peerless



DW = DeaWon

EA = Gibson/QingDao

EE = Gibson/QingDao

MC = Muse

SJ = SaeJung

Z = Zaozhuang Saehan

BW = China



No letter or F = FujiGen

J or T = Terada

Czech Republic


B = Bohêmia Musico-Delicia



SI = Samick

Example: U8034853 U = Unsung, 8 = 1998, 03 = March, 4853 = manufacturing number.

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