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creating a version of the john lennon junior?


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considering that an inexpensive epiphone jr. is simply not available in lefty, what if I took this:




and was influenced by gary's little christian:




and tried to come up with some kind of version of this (acknowledging the PU selector and bolt-on neck differences, among other things):




it would be fun, but would it be worth it? or is the special II simply not good enough to use as a mod platform?



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Dubstar, you crazy good thinker, mon -- but slower than me!


I was so pleased with Lil Chrisian, I made Whitey - G400 LE w/Charlie Christian neck and GFS Mean 90 bridge, RSGuitarworks pre-wired pot kit. I thought the concept cried out for a better guitar, and I was correct. I am more pleased with the tone of this guitar than you would believe. Not only do the pickups blend together well, but the GFS Mean 90 has a lot of bite and snarl. Then there's the neck pickup. With the Alnico II magnet option, this pickup is 6.9K, does everything the Mean 90 does (without the sometimes harsh blatt of too much treble), has a better midrange, usable bass and a very warm, sweet treble. The only reason its built into the G400, though, is because I got a super good one-time deal from M123.




P.S. VVG builds the Charley Christian on humbucker bobbins, as well as the longer style.

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Very nice! I think the OP's project could work with a similar setup as on the white guitar here if you use a Worn brown studio. If you can snag one at a good price that would look and sound pretty cool as a "Lennonized" cheap alternative...Just an idea.

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Dub, I thought of doing the same thing myself, with a bolt-on LP Jr., but decided against it, as the Jr. would be made of plywood, which would be tricky to stain the right color and would probably look like shite instead of mahogany... You'd be facing the same problem with the Special II... And using a Studio wouldn't really work unless you want to plane down the carved top...


My current plan is to get a broken '57 Junior on eBay (If I can find one that's fixable for a sane amount of money, that is..) Repair the neck, strip it down and "Lennonize" it with a CC replica, made by a company I found on-line and make it exactly like Lennon's.. Except for the name on the headstock... I might also consider doing what Spud did and Gibsonize the Epi headstock as well..


But that's a project for another day...

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