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Les Paul Bass Pick ups ?.?.?


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Does any one (pro or not) know what PICK UPS came stock on the Les Paul Bass-1999-2000 model?

I have one that I bought in or around 1999-2000. just recently it is going through restoration. I am unsure of the stock pick ups, So I have come to the forum seeking answers, Info any and all will be greatly appreciated.


I would also like to know if any similar pick ups out there exist to the model put out the same year just in case i want to up grade the ones i already have . as they are 8 years old i fear the quality in sound may arise.. or that they will just look old in contrast to the new paint job i'm having done to my LP Bass..


Furthermore the Les Paul special Bass that is on the market to date have 2 noticable differences

1:it now as a downsized 20 fret neck...unlike the 22 fret LP Bas sold in 1999-2000.

2:the pick ups...though the LP special Bass looks to have a better pick up they cant fit the older model body I have.

hence my need to know electronics of the 1999-2000 LP bass...

THANX Ahead of time .

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