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Is this a True Epiphone Anniversary LP Custom?


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Wow that's quite an interesting LP.

If you do a quick G00gle search (not that G00gle is the gospel on LP's) the post you linked is the only one as far out as I could find which leads me to believe that it is either:


A. custom shop one off or limited production (not likely since the only real cutom shop is in the US and the guitar has a "made in Korea" sticker on the neck. It also has NO serial number not even a hand written one beneath the finish.


B. a really well produced forgery, possibly from one of the former Epi factories in Korea.


C. a chinese forgery with Korea decals (which does not follow the pattern we have seen since most of the chinese forgeries have Gibson on the front and "made in the USA" on the back of the headstock. But stranger things have happened.


I know for a fact that the forgery business in china has exploded due to the ginormous loopholes in chinese law regarding penalties for said crime.

I'm not saying it's a forgery but I am saying there ain't another one like it on the planet. Odds are if it is the only one it would have Gibson on the headstock not Epiphone.

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Hmmm... can't remember exactly if there was a 90th anniversary Epi or not... there's something tickling at the back of my mind but nothing solid. Epi has produced a lot of stuff over the years and such a guitar wouldn't be out of the question. As Amino points out, kind of weird that there's no serial but maybe it IS a proto.

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